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Why do Spouses Divorce or Legally Separate in San Diego in 2014?

There are many reasons why spouses legally separate or divorce in San Diego Superior Court. Below are a partial list of the reasons but there are others which also lead to divorce and legal separation. Some spouses in San Diego may have third party involvement, financial issues, child raising issues and others but still do not legally separate or divorce.


Perhaps one of the major reasons for divorce or legal separation is a third party: boyfriend or girlfriend. When parties are married, absent couples who have “open marriages”, the spouses are not supposed to date. When the spouse does date during the marriage, this often leads to the “irreconcilable differences” which are grounds for a legal separation or divorce in San Diego Superior Court. It is impossible to state how many of the thousands of divorces or legal separations per year are due to third party involvement but, clearly, this is higher statistically than some other factors. Many of these divorces involve co workers which can have employment consequences as well as family consequences.


Financial pressures can ruin a marriage. Fighting about money and debts can cause a marriage to break apart. Perhaps, after third party involvement, financial stresses are one of the most common reasons for a divorce. Many in a marriage may have different opinions of borrowing money, for example, or getting into debt. It is important to note that, under California law, it does not matter who incurs the debt and only when the debt is incurred in almost all debt division in San Diego Superior Court. Many times, one spouse will instruct the other spouse not to borrow money or engage in other financial activities but the other spouse does this anyway. This can lead to arguments about money and the way the household finances are being conducted. In 2014, there are many marriages which will fail due to one of the spouses gambling and this is often a most contested debt issue. This can include the lottery as well. Since wins [asset] are divided one half each, losses [debt] will often also be divided one half each.


There are also cases where the parents differ on the raising of their child. Issues may revolve around religion or school and there are many others. If there is difficulty with child raising and parenting while the parents are married, then it would seem that this would also be a very contentious issue in the divorce. In most divorce or legal separation cases, the parenting plan can be the most contentious issue in the divorce even when the parents agreed on the child raising when the parents were married.


During this time, it is very important to consider the best interests of your children. It is very easy to become emotionally upset and to do or say something in front of the children in anger and then regret this. While you may be divorcing or separating from your spouse, you are certainly not divorcing your children. You may need to see a therapist or other professional depending on the issues in your case. If a temporary restraining order is issued due to conduct, then this can affect the entire divorce negatively for the one the TRO is issued against.


Once the decision has been made to divorce, by either side, the law firm of Doppelt and Forney, APLC can help. Our law firm is local in San Diego and has experience representing clients for years in family law cases. Please feel free to call and set up an appointment if you are in a divorce or legal separation in a case in San Diego County.

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