What Happens When Parents Disagree On Child Custody/Visitation?

California is a mandatory mediation state. What that means, is before a judge will make an order on the parenting plan, the parents have to attend the mandatory mediation, absent in emergency circumstance such as molest, abuse or neglect. San Diego is a recommending county. What that means is that the mediator will make a written recommendation, as opposed to say, Orange County, where they don't make written recommendations. Both parents have to go to the mediation, which in San Diego, is called family court services. And, at family court services, the parents meet with licensed clinical social workers who are hired by the courts to try to get parents to reach agreements on their parenting plans. Since San Diego is a recommending county, if the parents don't reach agreements, then the mediator makes a written report. The mediator gives a copy of the report to both parents and to the judge. And the judge follows the mediation report a majority of the time. That's why it's very important to be prepared for your mediation when you go in and our firm can help you with that.

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