The Scope Of Work Of A Del Mar Property Settlements And Division Attorney

As per the California Family Law Code, the issue of property settlements and division are closely tied to most divorce cases and come with a myriad of complexities, mainly because there exists various types of properties and not all kinds are subject to the laws of settlement and division. Thus it is imperative that couples contemplating divorce or legal separation hire the services of a competent and experienced Del Mar property settlements and division attorney and ensure that their rights are not violated and nor are they meted out via treatment when it comes to the sharing of the tax burden which is not in accord with the law.

How can a Del Mar Property Settlements and Division Attorney Help You?

In North County, there are three kinds of properties—community property, quasi-community property, and separate property. As per the legal requirements, an individual filing for a divorce or legal separation must disclose all his or her assets for division, which unknown to many, also include an art, antique, or coin collections, household furniture, and household furnishings but and also includes gifts or inheritances acquired during the tenure of the marriage. A Del Mar property settlements and division attorney is of course, aware of the specific characteristics of each property and can help an individual draw up a list of his assets and property for disclosure and subsequent division. It is noteworthy in this context that a deliberate attempt to conceal a piece of property is liable to be punished.

A San Diego property settlements and division attorney can also help an individual draw a list of debts acquired from the date of marriage to the day of separation so that the most appropriate division of debts is affected. However, like property too, certain debt burdens are not liable to be divided. These include support arrearage from other relationships whether child or spousal support and certain types of loans like student loans. A property settlements and division attorney in North County is the best person to provide guidance on these issues.

Doppelt & Forney, a Professional Law Corporation as Property Settlements and Division Attorneys in San Diego

The highly competent and vastly experienced property settlements and division attorneys at Doppelt & Forney, a Professional Law Corporation have been admirably serving their clients from Del Mar and other regions of San Diego since 2005. They work in close association with a retinue of professional accountants and appraisers to work out the complex financial details of property settlements and division cases and a just division of assets and debts for their clients in accordance with California Family Law.

The attorneys at Doppelt & Forney, a Professional Law Corporation provide free consultation of up to half an hour where they explain the various classes of properties and which amongst these are liable to be divided. Rated A+ by the San Diego Better Business Bureau and cited by Marquis’ Who’s Who in American Law [2011-2012], the efficacy, dedication, reliability, and client-friendliness of Doppelt & Forney, a Professional Law Corporation are vouched for by their success in this competitive field.

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