Ramona, California

Ramona is located near the intersection of State Route 67 and State Route 78. Because Ramona is not an incorporated city, there are no city limits by which to measure its area. The Ramona Community Planning Area consists primarily of the Santa Maria Valley and the San Vicente Valley, as well as the mountainous terrain surrounding them. The area also includes the Ballena Valley east of town and Bandy Canyon and a small portion of the southern edge of the San Pasqual Valley. Dairies used to be common in Ramona, particularly along Dye Road, Ramona Street and Warnock Road. Today, one dairy remains on Dye Road and one on Warnock. The cost of importing water to Ramona has become a negative issue in recent years but Avocado and Citrus orchards are still prominent.

There is a Ramona branch court located on 1428 Montecito Road. This courthouse is mostly utilized for traffic, civil and small claims cases, and other minor offenses occurring near Ramona and the north-eastern part of San Diego County.

Our attorneys are well trained in matters related to family law. This comprises of expertise on division of real estate, vehicles, trailers, household furniture, coin collections, antiques, credit union accounts, cash, checking accounts, saving accounts, deposit accounts, tax refunds, secured notes, stocks, mutual funds, profit sharing, retirement accounts, pension accounts, restricted stock units, military retirement, IRA, accounts receivable, 401K, 403B, unsecured notes, partnerships, STRS, PERS, as well as any other assets. We also have expertise in division of debts such as student loans, unsecured loans, credit cards, taxes owed, and support arrearage. Furthermore, we also prepare marriage settlement agreements.

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