Point Loma, California

Geographically a peninsula, Point Loma is a community that separates San Diego Bay from the Pacific Ocean. On the west side of the peninsula there are sandstone cliffs along the ocean, called the Sunset Cliffs. There are a few distinct neighborhoods in Point Loma. The newest commercial and retail area in Point Loma is found at Liberty Station, site of the former Naval Training Center, which also has residential and educational sections. The Midway district at the northern end of the peninsula is adjacent to the San Diego River and the I-5 and I-8 freeways. It is primarily commercial and industrial with a few small residential developments. The southern one-third of Point Loma is a separate community known as Ocean Beach. Tourists visit the cliffs in the west side of Point Loma for views of the ocean and the sunset. There are also surfing spots below the cliffs, such as Luscombs, Garbage Beach, and New Break. Point Loma has a number of hotels, restaurants, and local businesses.

Courthouses positioned near the Point Loma area are those that are found in San Diego. Courts in the area consist of the San Diego Superior Court Houses located on 220 West Broadway and the San Diego Superior Court House located on 330 West Broadway. Also, the Family Law Court House on 1555 Sixth Avenue and the Madge Bradley Court House on 1409 Fourth Avenue are of use to residents of Point Loma.

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