How Is Child Support Calculated And Who Must Pay?

In California, child support is calculated by a computer program called the Distomaster. The Distomaster calculates guideline child support. If you're in family law court in San Diego County, the judges use the Distomaster program. If you're in the county of San Diego courts, such as the DCSS, then a similar program is used and that program is online. The Distomaster will calculate the state guidelines. What type of information is used for the calculation? For example: the number of children, the percentage of time share, the gross incomes of both parents, their tax-filing statuses, whether they pay health insurance, whether they pay or receive support for any other child, whether they have other children, whether they own a house and have an interest or a property tax deduction. All of these and many more are included in the Distomaster program. As to who can receive child support, any parent in San Diego County can request child support and it is not gender-based.

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