How Do I Modify An Alimony Order In The Future?

An alimony or spousal support order is normally modifiable. If you're pre-judgment and have a temporary order for support, meaning that you don't have a judgment in your divorce yet, you can normally modify without any change of circumstances. However, once your judgment is entered, you will normally need a change of circumstances. A change of circumstances can include facts such as loss of employment, one party remarrying, one party getting additional income. And it's very important also, when talking about modifying spousal support, to consider the duration or length of the marriage. If your marriage is more than ten years, normally the judges will set a termination date of one-half the duration of the marriage. If your marriage, however, is more than ten years, normally the judges will reserve jurisdiction. It is very important, if you're the payor of spousal support, to ask for a Gavron warning, or a work admonition. If this is not complied with, this can be very powerful as a change of circumstance to try and modify spousal support in the future.

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