How Do I Do My Own Divorce?

The statistics in San Diego County are that the majority of litigants in family law court are self-represented. There are a lot of dangers to self-representation, because you don't know what you may be entitled to under the law for spousal support, child support, division of assets and debts...or what a realistic expectation would be for the outcome of your case. San Diego County has a service called the Family Law Facilitator. And this organization is staffed by county employees and they're at every courthouse in San Diego County. And they can help you fill out your paperwork at no charge, and that's a big advantage. One of the disadvantages is they can't give you legal advice and they won't represent you in court. You will have to go there early in the morning, sometimes 5:30 or six a.m. And they may see you the same day or they may see you the next day or they may ask you to take an eight-hour class. But if you can't afford an attorney, and you need to get a divorce, this is certainly an option you can consider. I would be pleased to offer you a complimentary consultation and discuss with you a legal analysis and a reasonable expectation, which is confidential at no charge.

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