Chapter Twelve: What Questions Should I Be Asking To Make The Most Informed And Intelligent Decisions Regarding My Case?

This is a very important question and asked often in attorney offices in San Diego.  It is difficult, when you are unfamiliar with a practice or procedure to not know what questions to ask. This is one of the best reasons for a free consultation with an attorney. One of the jobs of the attorney is to “issue spot” which means to analyze each individual case for issues and then inform the client of the realistic expectation.  For example, many client’s do not know that student loans [even if taken out during the marriage] are still considered separate property in most cases unless the loan was incurred more than ten years ago.  Another example is that many client’s do not understand that their new mate income is not added to their income for support purposes and listing their new mate income would result in a lower support order if they are the payor since their net income would be reduced since their joint income has a higher tax rate.  Every case is different and has to be individually analyzed.  All of the facts must be discussed in relation to the family law code and cases to implement an appropriate strategy.

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