Chapter Four: What Issues Will I Have To Deal With In My Case?

FamilyIf your case is a divorce or legal separation, you will have to address the following and all may not apply to your case and there may be some others which are not listed and this is why it is important to consult with an attorney since all cases are different although the law which applies to everyone’s case is exactly the same: custody; visitation; child support; spousal support; division of assets and debts which include real estate, personal property, jewelry, household furniture, antiques, coin collections, vehicles, boats, trailers, savings accounts, checking accounts, credit union accounts, deposit accounts, cash, tax refunds, safety deposit boxes, life insurance with a cash surrender value [whole life policy], stocks, bonds, secured notes, mutual funds, retirement accounts, pension accounts, profit sharing, vested and non vested stock options, restricted stock units, annuities, 401K; STERS, PERS, IRA, 403B, military retirement, accounts receivable, unsecured notes, business interests, partnerships, corporations, student loans, taxes owed, any support arrears, unsecured loans, secured loans, real estate loans, vehicle loans, retirement loans, third party loans, credit cards and others.

If your case is a paternity, then the only issues [normally] will be custody and visitation and child support. This makes the case less complicated in many respects however custody and visitation [parenting plan] is normally the most contentious issue in any case.

There can also be the issue of attorney fees in all three types of cases as above.

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