Can I Get Divorced Before We Finalize Our Case?

You can get divorced before the issues are final in the case. In many divorce cases, there are issues such as: custody and visitation if you have minor children, child support, perhaps spousal support, certainly division of assets and debts. Unfortunately, resolution of these issues can take sometimes many months or several years. Many people do not wanna wait that long to have their status terminated as being married and return to being single, either to remarry or perhaps they don't wanna be married anymore. In this case, you can reach an agreement for a biforcation, which means a separation of the issues. If you can reach an agreement, and you've met the jurisdictional requirements of proof of service of the filing of the petition and summons, at least six months before the legal status is terminated or the date of the filing of the response, then a judge can grant the termination of the marital status in a biforcated hearing. If you don't agree, then you'll have to file a notice of motion of separate trial. And then a judge, if you meet the mandatory requirements, will grant your order for biforcation.

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