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2011: Why do San Diego Residents Divorce or Legally Separate?

In San Diego, thousands of spouses either file for divorce or legal separation every year. 2011 is no exception. Many who find themselves in San Diego Superior Court for their legal separation or divorce wonder how this happened to them. Every case for legal separation or divorce is unique and have different reasons but there are some common factual scenarios which can lead to divorce or legal separation. This is not a comprehensive list and not all inclusive.

Infidelity: Many believe the number one reason for divorcing or legally separating from your spouse is cheating within the marriage.

Inability to Conceive Children: Many spouses, when they marry, do so with the expectation of having children and this is one of the main reasons for marriage. When either one [or both] of the spouses are not able to conceive, this can be a reason for a legal separation or divorce.

Domestic Violence: Violence within the household is another reason for divorce. When this occurs, many file a domestic violence temporary restraining order at the same time as the divorce or legal separation. Sometimes, these allegations can also lead to criminal charges being filed against one of the spouses.

Drug Abuse: Drug abuse can place a strain on a marriage. The money to purchase drugs can place a strain on the household budget and being under the influence can change one of the spouses conduct and behavior.

Gambling: Given the ease of finding legalized gambling in San Diego County in 2011, many San Diego residents gamble. Again, the money to gamble can place a strain on the budget for the household. There are cases of legal separation and divorce in San Diego County which can be directly attributable to financial stress.

Step Children: In some cases, there is a “blended family” and there may be a child or children being raised who are not the biological children of both parents. In addition, the parent of the child or children may be seeing the children and transfers and transportation back and forth. If both parents have children from other relationships, it can be very stressful to try and work on a parenting plan which accommodates all and this can lead to stress.

Not Agreeing on How to Raise Children: Not all parents agree to raise their children the same way. Some parents are very strict and some are very lenient. Some have education as their highest priority while others do not. In some marriages, nothing can be more divisive than disagreeing on how the children should be raised.

In Law Issues: Unfortunately, as all know, sometimes the in laws are not as supportive as the spouses hope. Advice from a father in law or mother in law can lead to issues within the marriage and it is not unknown for an in law to recommend to their relative to get a divorce or legal separation.

Money: Some say this is the number one reason for divorce or legal separation.

Lengthy Incarceration: If one of the spouses will be in custody for a long period of time, this can be a reason for filing a divorce or legal separation.

Lengthy Deployment: Unfortunately, in San Diego, many spouses are in the military and have been deployed for many months or many years. This has led, in some marriages, for a filing for divorce.

Deportation: When one spouse is deported, and the spouse who is not deported does not want to move out of the country with the deported spouse, this can also be a reason for filing a legal separation or divorce.

What would be a reason for one married couple to legally separate or divorce may not be a reason for another couple and every case is different and unique. We would be pleased to offer you a free in-person or virtual consultation for your divorce or legal separation and please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

Client Reviews
Dear Roy, I would like to thank you and all team members as well as office staff for helping me defend in this case. It has been a difficult time for me during the last couple of weeks, and now because of this success result, I am able to move forward with my new chapter of life, even a little late at this age!!! Again with much appreciation, I wish you all to continue to do the same with a big heart as it was with me, in helping those who are in need of your professional services. W.
Thank you for your time and energy on this case, you took so much of the worry away from me! I appreciate all of your help. I will use and recommend you to other in the future. T.S.
I want to take this time to thank you and your staff for an outstanding job with my case to terminate spousal, you are an excellent attorney Roy, and your staff is very professional and considerate to my questions and concerns of my case. Thank you very much again. T.Y.
I wanted to say how much I appreciate your help and advice in regards to my name change. Your assistance during this time has been invaluable. Thank you again. M.J.