2011 San Diego Divorce: Must Avoids

Filing for divorce can be a stressful time in your life and there are situations that make it harder for you. There are several actions to avoid as you prepare for the divorce procedure and life after your marriage.

First, do not represent yourself. You want to find an attorney who has years of experience and has seen the inside of the San Diego courtroom many times. The problem with representing yourself is that you may miss a deadline or not know about a procedure which could damage your chances of getting a fair divorce ruling.

Second, do not use the divorce judgment procedure to get back at your spouse. Even though you are hurt, you need to work with your spouse. You do not have to agree to everything, but leave your emotions at home.

Third, if you have children, do not use them against your spouse. The worst thing you can do to your children is forget that your children are hurting too. Avoid speaking negatively about your spouse or using your children as a messenger.

Fourth, when you are trying to put together a discovery avoid doing it alone. Use the knowledge that your San Diego divorce attorney has to help you through the process. Avoid trying to put together your financial records by yourself.

Fifth, avoid giving away property or furniture when you are working with your spouse about divorce decisions. Avoid taking your children for the week without informing your spouse and your attorney about where you are going.

Finally, if a judge has temporarily created child custody or visitations avoid missing a scheduled visit. Doing so will make it harder when the judgment is decided upon with your spouse or by a San Diego judge. These tips will make your life a little easier

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